Scent of Ylang-ylang

We went to mass last Sunday, and near the church, we saw a lady selling leis of ylang-ylang and sampaguita. Of course, I bought a few strands.

Of particular interest to me is the ylang-ylang.

I hope to describe its scent for you but, oh my, it’s hard.  I’m stumped for words. Hahaha. Okay, I’ll try.

Ylang-ylang, as a flower, is sweet, but not dessert sweet.  No, it’s not like vanilla cupcakes.
It’s a little spicy. There’s a teeny-weeny hint of very mild, young, peppercorn.  
It’s a little intoxicating, like some alcohol, but it definitely smells fresh, like the scent of the leaves after a rain. 

Here in Manila, ylang-ylang is strung to make leis,  for the saints, or for the car. 😀

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