Scent of Summer: Coron

I’m back!

We left the city last week for a bit of vacation in Coron, in western Philippines.  We had no internet access so I got detached from blogs and the world of perfume . But only for a while. 

We found this on one of our island trips.


Frangipanis on the beaches! They are in full bloom that you can smell their scent in the whole beach.  It was just amazing.

Of course, we also climbed Mt Tapyas, we bathed in the Maquinit Hotsprings, we swam the lakes of Barracuda and Kayangan, and we swam with the fishes of Skeleton Wreck and Siete Pecados coral garden.

If I had to match this trip with a scent, it had to be TDC Sel de Vetiver sprayed on a fragipani bloom. What do you think? 😀