Absolue Pour Le Matin by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

It’s summer here in Manila and I’m on a hunt for the perfect summer scent! I’m leaning towards citrusy more than aquatic or green.  Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Absolue Pour Le Matin is an example of a citrusy scent*. So naturally, I tried it on.   

Absolue Pour Le Matin is very citrusy alright, but only for a very short time. The citrusy scent, from lemon or bergamot, fades rather quickly. It’s rather fleeting. It’s present on the top and middle notes, and then it disappears.

What lingers on is a fresh, powdery scent. Iris perhaps? Now, I have yet to learn to love iris. I like it as flower, but I’m not liking it as a scent just yet. 

As its name implies however, I agree that Absolue Pour Le Matin is the scent of a morning, a beautiful morning, during springtime, in a countryside.  It smells very clean like the scent of a freshly bathed baby.  It is very gentle, and very comforting. It is very light, very subtle. 

But that’s the problem for me, too. It’s a little too tame, a little too safe, and yeah, a little too clean.

*at least according to some blogs 🙂

** photo from http://www.franciskurkdjian.com