From the Mail: Byredo X Oliver Peoples Limited Edition Box Set

Byredo x Oliver Peoples

Byredo x Oliver Peoples*

I saw this from my mailbox today and they’re adorable!

Byredo, a Stockholm based fragrance company teamed up with Oliver Peoples to present a limited edition box set containing a pair of lovely sunnies and a Byredo Oliver Peoples fragrance. Talk about uniting the two senses!

The Byredo Oliver Peoples fragrance features notes of Juniper Berries, Californian Lemon, Orris Butter, Warm Sand Accord, Helichrysum, among others. With the juniper berries, lemon, and sand accord, I believe the scent is perfect for the beach or for summer!

The Byredo x Oliver Peoples boxed set is available in either amber bottle, or blue bottle. A set costs USD 530.00 and available online at With the customs and post issues in the Philippines, my wallet heaved a sigh of relief.

*Image stolen from:


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