This Just In: Polo Ralph Lauren Red

Polo Red

Polo Red

Remember Polo Blue? I do, sort of…

Polo Blue is a classic. It was very popular during my college years, specially with the cono speaking, Polo wearing dudes that make tambay* in the AS steps. I can no longer remember the smell, the distinct notes, but I am sure that it spawned a lot of copycat versions.

Anyhow, years after, or decades after, a new flanker is born, Polo Ralph Lauren Red!

According to, it is a spicy blend of saffron, red grapefruit, and redwood. So, it should be spicy, fresh, and woody.

Hmm, I think it is interesting enough to warrant a visit to the perfume counter, no?

It is available in 3 sizes ( 1.36 oz, 2.5 oz, and 4.2 oz), all in EDT, and there’s also a deospray version for the pits. Hehe

* tambay – Tagalog for hang out
** cono speak – mixing of Tagalog and English in one sentence/phrase
***images from, and


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