United Colors of Benetton Let’s Move

Benetton Let's Move

Benetton Let’s Move

At first blast, Benetton Let’s Move is very spicy, very peppery, and with hints of bergamot.

After a while, Benetton Let’s Move becomes sweet, ambery, and a little woodsy. Every now then, I would also detect the lavender and cumin, perhaps, which would stay until the dry down.

The drydown of Benetton Let’s Move, on my skin, is vanilla, only less sweet. There’s also the lavender, and cumin, which would remind me of some dirty talcum powder.

“A new fragrance line specially designed for athletic
and self-confident guys
who want to live their life following their sportive style!”

With that description on the sample, and with the notes I described above, Benetton Let’s Move is something for the typical Filipino male who plays basketball. I can definitely picture a bottle of Benetton Let’s Move together with a basketball, and Nike Jordans in a duffel bag. Unfortunately, I don’t play basketball, I don’t know how it is played, and I already have another perfume inside my duffel bag.

As a scent, Benetton Let’s Move reminds me of Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male, Paco Rabanne One Million, and some of the perfumes offered by the local clothing giants, Bench, and Penshoppe.

Benetton Let’s Move is the first of the “Let’s…” series of Benetton, and it was developed by Olivier Pescheaux. Notes include bergamot, mandarin, black pepper, geranium, lavender, cedar, amber, tonka bean and vanilla. A 100 ml costs PHP1450.00 the 40ml costs PHP 950.00.



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