Leather + Angel, Leather + Alien

Angel Fragrance of a Leather

Angel Fragrance of a Leather

I had the pleasure of trying out two of the Thierry Mugler Fragrance of Leather fragrances at the Fresh Fragrance Bar yesterday. I tried Angel Fragrance of a Leather (or Angel Cuir), and Alien Cuir.

I soon as the assistant sprayed Angel Cuir on my wrist, I had a déjà vu. I had the same reaction as when I first tried Angel, and it was not pleasant. It reminded me of a bad body odor masked with a perfume! It may be the bergamot, patchouli, cumin, chocolate combination. I was really taken aback.

Thank God, the initial shock did not last too long. As the day progresses, it became more gourmand. I smelled chocolate, and vanilla. I get the patchouli, too. And I did get the leather vibe. It was not the creamy suede, nor the creamy calf skin leather, but it was not a raw hide/leather either.

In the end, Angel Cuir is a sweet, musky, and vanillic fragrance, a far cry from the shocking opening. Though it is sophisticated, not your usual, run-off-the-mill scent, I don’t know if I can wear it with confidence.

Still, I did not concede with the Muglers. I tried another Thierry Mugler fragrance, Alien Cuir. Unlike with Angel Cuir, I tried Alien Cuir on a paper blotter. And I must say that the SA did not spray on the paper directly, but on air .

Alien Cuir is jasmine! I liked it better than Angel but I was struggling to detect the cuir, too. Did I miss some of the notes due to the method of sampling?  Maybe, I should try it on skin the next time.

Anyway, though disappointing, I am not giving up on Thierry Mugler yet. I still have to smell the Womanity Cuir and the A*Men Cuir.

*image from Fragrantica.com


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