2013 Scent Resolutions


Compared to other people, I am very fond of making New Year’s Resolutions, whether I achieve them or not.  I like listing things because somehow, it gives me a sense of direction, some sort of plan that would prevent me from going all messed up.

So, for 2013, I resolve to:

  1. Buy fragrances that I truly love. I resolve to buy fragrances that will make me happy,  through summer and the rainy season, through good times and bad times.
  2. Buy fragrance classes that I  do not have. This means carefully assessing what I already have and reserving my cash to classes that I do not have.  For example, I don’t think I have an excellent leather perfume yet, so I will save for that. And in the mean time, I will continue on sampling leather perfumes until I find the right one.
  3. Explore designer or mainstream fragrances.  Unlike most people, my addiction to perfumes started when I got my samples from Le Labo, Rose 51, Oud 27, and Santal 33 to be exact. I dived straight into niche perfumery before knowing the classics, and I completely ignored mainstream department store releases. Though I do not regret my niches, I want to explore more mainstream  fragrances as there are excellent ones out there, too.
  4. Try more local  fragrances.  I know,  most local fragrances in Manila are copies of designer fragrances, and bearing names of local celebrities, but I see some efforts to come up with original formulations.  Take Bench’s woody Rajo Laurel series for instance. Still very reminiscent of the Dsquared2 Wood Series, but the  effort to come up with an excellent fragrance is there.  I am hopeful that someday, Manila will also produce fragrances that will be known and applauded throughout the world.   Come on, Philippines  already supplies elemi and ylang-ylang essences to the world!
  5. And lastly,  enjoy this wonderful world of  scent exploration!

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