Eau de Apple Mac

Rochelle shared this news to me, about a perfume that smells like an freshly unboxed MacPro.  She said I would wear it.

The thing is, I’ve never tried unboxing an Apple product. My only Apple, an iPod Nano (Gosh, I am so “out”, wala sa uso ) was bought on a second hand store! So, I don’t really know the smell of a freshly unboxed Apple.

But, if it smells like a freshly unboxed Blackberry, or any new electronics,  I might not like it at all.

However, it is an interesting concept alright. And if I am near Melbourne, I would definitely go, and give Greatest Hits, where they will presenting the smell of MacPro, a sniff.

Greatest Hits, I believe, is a collaboration between a group of Melbourne artists and Air Aroma, and will be displayed at West Space from April 20 -12 May, 2012.

*photo from http://theweek.com/article/index/226928/the-perfume-that-smells-like-a-macbook-pro


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