Vetiver Vert by Czech & Speake

Last weekend, we packed our bags and trooped down south, to the countryside of Bohol in Central Visayas.  We went to see the Chocolate Hills, which are not so chocolatey at this time of the year. Instead, they’re of lush, green color. Very refreshing sight, I say.

Afterwards, we passed by a highway in Bilar, lined with mahogany trees, their leaves starting to brown, and fall. It is a stark contrast to the view of the Chocolate Hills.

Back here in Manila, I immediately looked for a scent that would remind me of our countryside tour. I looked for something woodsy, earthy, and yet green. And I found this,


Vetiver Vert by Czech & Speake.

Vetiver Vert by Czech & Speake opens with a very fresh citrus. I think it’s bergamot… I think I smell crushed leaves, bergamot blossoms, or squeezed rinds. Definitely, it is a very refreshing scent, as refreshing as the sight of the verdant Chocolate Hills. Smelling Vetiver Vert, to me, evokes the smell of the leaves of the trees, after the morning rain, on a springtime.

Then, it get’s a little sweet, and woodsy, and earthy. It might be the sandalwood. It is very masculine, and very classic. If I may compare it to our trip, it’s the feeling when passing by the mahogany lined highways of Bilar.

Then finally, at least to me, it goes back to where it started. It goes back to being green, fresh, and citrusy.

Vetiver Vert by Czech & Speake lasts long, well enough for an 8 day shift in the office.  It is very manly, and very classic. It is perfect for the office, or the gym, or a casual weekend date.  

And though it is a vetiver, it is unlike the vetiver of Guerlain. I think it is a cross between a vetiver fragrance, and an Italian bergamot fragrance!


2 thoughts on “Vetiver Vert by Czech & Speake

    • vetyver is really a very masculine material, diba? the green-ness and earthiness sort of conjures an image of a man who can toil the earth, and grows his own food. 😀

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