Weekend Escape

Whenever I feel blue, or the need to be alone ( I am an introvert, the Time say) I go home to the province, or to my homebase in the metro, the University of the Philippines in  Diliman, Quezon City.

UP Diliman is my 1st home here in Metro Manila.  I studied college here, and I  spent more than 8 years living in its suburbs. I feel safe in its surroundings. I feel comfort under its acacia covered streets. I feel peace and serenity under its kapok and fire trees. Cheesy but no part of the city compares with UP.  

So, I few weeks back, I went to UP for a bit of escape, or introspection. And I found my in the perfume garden of the UP Film Center.

In the garden, I found towering ylang-ylang trees. I think I spotted several blooms but they’re so high up the tree that my nifty point-and-shoot’s zoom can’t reach it.

Towering Ylang-ylang trees

A bit smaller, and more prolific bloomers are the champaca trees. They have a lot of flowers that you could actually smell them from afar. The flowers are so lovely, so delicate, and very fragile.

Champaca Blooms

And a shrub, which looks like a jasmine.  And the flower on the heading, with really looks beautiful, and smell lovely, and looks very exotic.

The fragipanis are still losing their leaves (or preparing for a full bloom) so no pictures but the university have a lane lined with frangipanis. They frangipanis like to show off their blooms during summer.  

So, for a few hours, I was able to escape to a world of fragrant flowers and greeneries, and  forget all my worries away. Nothing feels like coming home really.


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