Neroli by Czech & Speake

While the perfumers continues to flood the market with ouds, while the perfumistas raves, or grunts about ouds, or while perfume bloggers whips out their winter scent lists, I am already on the hunt for the perfect summer fragrance! We, in Manila, are already having hot, sunny days, and temperatures,  I suspect, averages 88 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer has arrived in this side of the world. 

With that, I tested Czech & Speake Neroli.

Neroli is really the oils extracted from bitter orange blossoms.  And Czech & Speake captured that in its cologne of the same name.

Czech & Speake Neroli is sweet, and a bit spicy. It is citrusy, very refreshing, and very light.  It reminds me of those small Italian perfumes from Napoli that my uncle brings home.  

Czech & Speake Neroli maybe what they call as soliflore, as it features the singular note of the neroli. It does not have the complexity of top notes, middle notes, or base notes.  It’s monotonous actually, very linear.  

Despite the simplicity, Czech & Speake Neroli is well made, and super perfect for Manila’s weather these days. I declare it my summer scent no. 1!


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