Zara II Homme

Zara II Homme is one of my best finds last year. It is very affordable and quite different from mainstream releases, or from what typical guys wear.

Zara II Homme opens up like some resinous wood. It’s ambery, definitely very woody.  There is something a bit dirty on the top notes, too. It’s like picking up some pine wood from the mountains of Benguet.

Then it mellows down to something more leather than woody. I think of suede, so it is a bit powdery, and creamy. This is my favorite bit of the perfume.

Finally, Zara II Homme dries down to a soft, musky base.

As an Eau de toilette, it lasts long, and is very suitable for casual settings like the office. And did I say it is very affordable?

Here is another picture of the Zara II Homme that I am talking about.  It is in a round grayish bottle with a suede band and black bottle cap.

There is another Zara II Homme, the one released in 2003, in square bottle, but that smells very different from the fragrance reviewed above.


2 thoughts on “Zara II Homme

  1. Hello , i had This perfume as well and It was one of My The best. The problem is that I can’t find to buy it anymore. If there is anyway you can help me. I tried all sort of sites and shops ( I leave in London). Thank you Verry much. My adress in

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