A Whiff of Sel de Vetiver by The Different Company

Not too long ago, I checked out Manila’s most exclusive department store, Adora. They claim to have a very carefully curated store offerings and I agree, especially with their perfumes.  One of the brands they carry is The Different Company.

Rochelle, their super kind, not-too-intrusive sales staff, gave me a sniff of their Sel de Vetiver.Sel de Vetiver is a very intense vetiver. It is very earthy, and green, a bit like grasses and trees during summer. It also smells very salty. To me, it feels dry, like the parched earth during summer, but with the freshness of summer breeze. Sel de Vetiver actually reminds me of this:

Summer in Batangas

Searing heat, scorching sun, sea water, dried up grasses and trees, sea breeze, and parched earth…these, to me, best describe Sel de Vetiver of The Different Company.

I like it’s uniqueness, and how it reminds me summer outings by the beach. But at  6,000 pesos ($135.00) for a  50ml eau de parfum, I will wait for the sale. Or, I’ll just use the 6,000 to book for an overnighter at the Batangas resort!


A whiff of are my personal notes on perfumes I sample from store counters. That said, I am limited to that teeny-weeny spritz provided by the sales associate, and that I am not 100% focused into the scent as I’m in a store, maybe checking food, clothes, bargains, etc.


4 thoughts on “A Whiff of Sel de Vetiver by The Different Company

    • Yes, but not in a large-scale production yata. I’ve read a news article that in Bicol, a coop was set up to help farmers venture into growing vetiver, lemongrass, ylang and jasmine since they’re already extracting elemi from the Pili trees. Elemi is huge nowadays.

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