A Whiff of A*Men by Thierry Mugler

Last Saturday, we dropped by Marionnaud in SM Mall of Asia. I think it’s really true that they’re closing out. Most of their counters are empty, and many Thierry Mugler products are on 50% off.

And while in there, I tried A*Men by Thierry Mugler.

A*Men is a gourmand. It opens very strong, with coffee and chocolate, very dark, raw chocolate like Meiji 75% cocoa chocolate with a hint of, hmm, how shall I phrase this…ok, body odor, from not taking a bath for two days because it’s very cold.  And did I say coffee?

But, it subsides a little. It becomes more mellow, more sweet, more vanilla, and more likable. My partner hates the perfume while I want to try it again.

I really love coffee and chocolates. These are my favorite food! The smell of coffee alone perks me up, puts me in a good mood. Chocolates, especially the dark ones, cure my blues away.  These scents bring me joy and happiness. But sadly, I did not find those in A*Men. I don’t know if something’s amiss but I prefer the smell of used coffee grounds that we use as body scrubs.

Still, I’m filing A*Men under the “To try again” category. 

*photo from Fragrantica, cropped


A whiff of are my personal notes on perfumes I sample from store counters. That said, I am limited to that teeny-weeny spritz provided by the sales associate, and that I am not 100% focused into the scent as I’m in a store, maybe checking food, clothes, bargains, etc.


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