Noir Patchouli by Histoires des Parfums

Patchouli. 70s. Hippies. Woodstock. Organic. Tree huggers.

I’m not sure why but I always associate patchouli with that decade. I was not even born in the 70s! And certainly, I dont’ know the scent of a patchouli. So, I had to try one, and luckily, Histoires des Parfums has a version of it.

Noir Patchouli, according to the brochure, promises to be an elixir to stimulate the senses, a breath of mystery, like the night.  

To me, it starts really strong, really full of energy, thick with green scent,  scent of dark green leaves perhaps, and a handful of flowers. Imagine a forest with thick undergrowth. That’s Noir Patchouli at the start.

Then it softens a bit, more floral than green, more earthy too, but still with a distinctive scent from the first whiff.  I figured out that must be the patchouli note, and it’s present in all top, middle, and basenotes.

The dry down is my favorite. Soft, a bit creamy, and a bit delicate, but with a kick of the patchouli.

Noir patchouli is a perfume with a character.  It is not sweet, maybe not for the girly types.  It is a scent for someone who wants personality or individuality, or for someone who wants to deviate a little from today’s norms.

Or it could be for my mom. Her aparador, her closet where she keeps her perfumes, or dad’s perfumes smells like Noir Patchouli! I’m not kidding. And seriously, there really might be a patchouli fragrance in there. Many of the perfumes in there are vintages!

 Noir Patchouli is by Histoires des Parfums, a niche line from France.


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