Pit Stop with Bvlgari Black

Last Christmas, I received a very fab gift from my KM, GIS and GSO friends: a Bvlgari Black perfume.

Bvlgari Black comes in a round bottle, a short cylinder really, with rubber covering the outer radius. Okay, it looks like a tyre. And it smells like a tyre, burnt tyre to be exact.

It starts of like a burnt rubber with hints of petrol but softened with vanilla, a really sweet vanilla. And it smells like that all throughout. You can smell burnt rubber, hints of petrol, and vanilla, over and over again.

I’ve heard some people describe it as gourmand, or foody, because of the vanilla. But to me, Bvlgari Black is the scent of a pit stop in Formula 1 Race!

Maybe a car stops for a tyre change, thus the burnt tyre note. Maybe the car also needed a gas refill and tiny amounts of petrol leaked on the ground. And maybe, the car driver hid a vanilla pine tree freshener somewhere inside the car, thus the vanilla scent. Or it could be that the car driver is a female who happens to like vanilla scents. I’m getting crazy here but that’s the vibe I get with this scent.

It is a very modern scent, very high energy, and very sexy scent. And it  could be perfect for guys who likes Formula races, or sexy cars, or simply vanilla. ;D


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