A Runner’s Scent: Lacoste Essential

The runner, of course, is me.


Way before I got so obsessed with perfumes, I use Lacoste Essential, which my Tita Daisy gives me during Christmas. I use it at work, at the gym, and during my road races. Well, I prefer to leave a trail of scent than let other runners eat my dust. Kidding aside, Lacoste Essential really smells good, clean, and very non-offensive.

Lacoste Essential starts of very citrusy, very fresh, and green (think leaves :D). Immediately, you would think that it is a scent for teenage boys, for jocks, or gym dudes as it is very sporty.

Later on the development, the citrus mellows down a bit, and it becomes more spicy. Then, it fades to something woody, green woody, I suppose.

Even though it fades into something woody or mellow, Lacoste Essential re-emerges or re-releases the top notes when you do some intense physical activity like running, or dance workouts. This is something that I really like as 3 sprays can last for more than 10 hours!

I love Lacoste Essential as a casual scent, but I love it more as an active, sporty scent. I might actually use it on my next race next month!


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