Starting with Terre d’Hermes

It started when a friend brought me to this place where they sell imported goods. He bought a bottle of Versace Eau Fraiche while I settled for a mini bottle of Terre d’Hermes from their samples bin.

Back at home, I tried it on my skin. It was love at first sniff.

Immediately, I thought of a study, or a cozy small private library.  I imagined it furnished with the finest woods, like narra. I imagined its walls lined with shelves brimming with old books, leather bound, their pages yellowing. I imagined leather chairs, fine, heavy weight papers on the desk. It’s wood, leather, paper, and rays of brightness, in a bottle.

Even today, it is still a tad masculine for me, or stiff, and too classy. Yet I also find it comforting and warm. For me, it is conventional, but with something extra, something a little unexpected. It is a perfect match for a guy who likes gray and black ensembles with pink socks.

I am already on my second bottle and as it is quite expensive, I treasure my bottle and use it only during special occasions. I designated it as my formal, special occasion scent!

From then on, I began to explore other fragrances. And I discovered new blogs, new brands, new fragrances, and new ways of appreciating them. I now see common flowers like sampaguita, or kamia, or ylang-ylang, in a new light. And may I say that I’m loving the exploration so far!


4 thoughts on “Starting with Terre d’Hermes

    • *writes Escada Sentiment on To Try list*. My list gets longer and longer! But will surely explore that one 😀

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