From the Mail: Byredo X Oliver Peoples Limited Edition Box Set

Byredo x Oliver Peoples

Byredo x Oliver Peoples*

I saw this from my mailbox today and they’re adorable!

Byredo, a Stockholm based fragrance company teamed up with Oliver Peoples to present a limited edition box set containing a pair of lovely sunnies and a Byredo Oliver Peoples fragrance. Talk about uniting the two senses!

The Byredo Oliver Peoples fragrance features notes of Juniper Berries, Californian Lemon, Orris Butter, Warm Sand Accord, Helichrysum, among others. With the juniper berries, lemon, and sand accord, I believe the scent is perfect for the beach or for summer!

The Byredo x Oliver Peoples boxed set is available in either amber bottle, or blue bottle. A set costs USD 530.00 and available online at With the customs and post issues in the Philippines, my wallet heaved a sigh of relief.

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Le Labo City Exclusives

Le Labo City ExclusivesRejoice, Le Labo fans. It’s that time of the year once again!

Starting 1 September 2014 until 30th September 2014, Le Labo offers its City Exclusives in all of their boutiques, on their e-store, and on select boutiques around the globe. You no longer have to endure long haul flights just to get your favorite Tubereuse 40 from New York, or the Gaiac 10 from Tokyo.

You can get all these, including their newest City Exclusive Benjoin 19 (Moscow):

Gaiac 10 (Tokyo)
Vanille 44 (Paris)
Tubereuse 40 (New York)
Poivre 23 (London)
Musc 25 (Los Angeles)
Limette 37 (San Francisco)
Baie Rose 26 (Chicago)
Cuir 28 (Dubai)

I personally applaud this kind of ‘compromise’ as it is a win-win situation, for the brand, and for the consumer. Le Labo can maintain some degree of exclusivity to some of its creations, but at the same time, Le Labo also offers a chance for fans, perfumistas, or consumers, to try exclusive creations without having to travel. Trust me, there is nothing more frustrating than reading rave reviews on a perfume and not having access to it because you are on the opposite side of the globe.

So, go online and get those City Exclusive you’ve been wanting to try. And when you get to empty those bottles, be sure to keep them as they are refillable at the NYC, London, Paris, SF and LA boutiques all year round.

*image from newsletter.

Bench Beautiful Boy by Furne One

Bench Beautiful Boy by Furne One

Bench Beautiful Boy by Furne One

Today, I am going to review our latest acquisition, Bench Beautiful Boy by Furne One.

First, a little introduction on the brand, Bench.

Bench is a Philippine fashion brand started in 1987 by Ben Chan. It is hugely popular among teens and adults with its affordable casual clothing, underwear, and fragrances. Think of it as Philippines’ Aeropostale, or H&M.

When it comes to fragrances, Bench started with body sprays like Bench Atlantis, or Bench 8. Later on, it introduced more lasting EdTs, often fronted by popular Filipino celebrities like Richard Gomez, Piolo Pascual, or Manny Pacquiao. You can say that Bench started the celebu-scent trend here in the Philippines.

Lately, Bench started working with Filipino fashion designers for its fragrances. Bench collaborated with Rajo Laurel, Michael Cinco, and for Beautiful Boy, with Furne One.

Furne One showing Amato 2013 collections

Furne One showing Amato 2013 collections*

Furne One is a Dubai based Filipino fashion designer known for his intricate beadwork, and delicate laser cut designs. To my untrained eye, I see a lot of Alexander McQueen influences in his body of work. I would say his works are very dramatic, very theatrical, very technical, and definitely, very haute couture.

Bench Beautiful Boy by Furne One, then, is an offspring of a casual brand and a haute couture fashion house.

Beautiful Boy, according to the Bench site, is a woody citrus scent of grapefruit, musk, pepper and iris.

Beautiful Boy, on me, smells soapy and clean specially in the beginning. I am reminded of the Clean scent, or of detergents, but my partner is reminded of Bvlgari Pour Homme. True enough, there is a part of Beautiful Boy’s development that resembles that of Bvlgari Pour Homme.

Later in the day, Beautiful Boy dries down to a musky, a bit sweet, scent.

There might be traces of grapefruit, iris, and pepper, but I have to smell hard to detect them. It lasts fairly long, but not long enough to cover my 8 hour work shift.

As a fragrance, it really is a scent for the beautiful boy next door, or the class heart-throb. It is pleasant, clean, never offensive, never daring.

I do not know the extent of work done by Furne One with this collaboration but I felt that he just lent his name for this fragrance. To me, Beautiful Boy hardly represents Furne One’s aesthetics or brand. Beautiful Boy, to me, is the opposite of Furne One.

But I have no regrets.

Because of Beautiful Boy, I discovered that Furne One have his own fragrances from his fashion house Amato; Amato Argento and Amato Oro. I am very much interested to try those fragrances. I would love to experience how Furne One translates his ideas to perfumes.

Bench Beautiful Boy is available where there is a Bench store, online, in 70 ml for $17.00. That’s another reason why I should not have regrets.

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Friday Wrap! Gorgeous Flacons , Perfume Primers

Happy Friday! Friday is really the happiest day of the week.So, without much further ado, it’s time to look back again to what’s new, what’s hot… okay, what’s interesting this week:

Gorgeous Flacon of Guerlain Le Parfum du 68*

Candy Perfume Boy blogged what could possibly be one of the most beautiful perfume bottle I’ve seen. It’s an édition limitée Guerlain Le Parfum du 68. It’s Baccarat.

As much as I love it, it would probably cost me two kidneys, and a liver, for me to get one of the only 30 bottles.

But really now, I’ve never really taken into consideration the bottle design, or the packaging, in buying a perfume. Juice is prime consideration, second is the price.

Bottega Veneta**

But, if you ask me for my favorite perfume in my collection based on bottle design alone, I would easily pick the Bottega Veneta. Simple lines, heavy feel, with only the textured bottom as a nod to the intrecciato weave the brand is famous for. Runner up would be my Serge Lutens 50 mils (not the bell jar), which is even more simple. That said, I think I lean towards more simple bottle designs. And yes Versace, nothing too gaudy please.

Canvas & Conrete***

Lastly, I learned about a fragrance primer today. It’s Canvas & Concrete. Basically, you spray it on the skin prior to perfume application. It claims  that it does not affect the notes of the perfume, and it can make the perfume lasts longer, saving you money(Yay!).  But at PHP 1600++, I find it too steep. C’mon, I could buy a full bottle of Bvlgari Black with that amount  on eBay! Anyway, it’s available at BeautyBar stores.

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*** Beauty Bar newletter

British Fragrances and Fashion

I am on a self-imposed, partial pefume embargo.

As such, within the next three months, I SHOULD NOT buy any full bottles, samples/or discovery kits over Php 1000 (~USD 23). ( I would like to save up for perfumes that’s been on my wish list since, like, forever.)

And so, I have to make do with reading my favorite blogs, or revisiting my samples bin ( hey, I forgot I have Juliette Has a Gun samples!)

And from reading blogs and newsletters, I’ve noticed the rather, active British fragrance scene!

Iris Prima

Iris Prima

Penhaligons released Iris Prima inspired by the English National Ballet. It has bergamot, green amber, with a heart of iris absolute and jasmine sambac.

Soulle Ambar

Soulle Ambar

Floris released  Soulle Ambar, with notes of bergamot, jasmine, amber, and a slew of perfume notes unknown to me like lentisque, melilot and galbanum.


Rose en Noir

And finally, Miller Harris released Rose en Noir that hopes to evoke the darkness and sensual side of the rose bloom. It has a heart of Turkish rose, black pepper and violet leaf, and base notes of ambrette seeds, patchouli, and French tabac noir.

Lastly, I am most intrigued with the collaboration between fragrance houses and fashion houses last London Fashion Week.  I gather that Julien Macdonald used Floris Hyacinth and Bluebell candles for SS14 show, and Penhaligon was the Official Fragrance of London Fashion Week!

We have something similar here in Manila. Mega Magazine, a major fashion glossy, collaborated with Downy Mystique for the chic-est masquerade ball/fashion show of 2013!

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